The Art of Emily N3ver.

Disclaimer: This only works on colour pencils not graphite or charcoal. I don’t advise you microwave make-up pencils either.TL;DR: You can microwave color pencils to fix them from breaking.
'Bat Lover' 
‘Ashes’  Indian Ink & Bristol- 2014 A.D.
'Survival of the richest'- indian Ink & Bristol, 2014
Marilyn Monroe, 2014
'Alchemy & Apparitions'- Indian Ink & Bristol, 2013
'Deep' Indian Ink & Bristol- 2014

You better think about it baby
'Crimson Ghost'- Copic Markers & Bristol, 2014
'Charms & Curses'-2014, Indian Ink on Bristol
'Spells & Hexes' - 2014, Indian Ink on BristolMore Art here
'The Howl'- copic markers & indian ink. This piece is going to be featured in the next isssue of GORE Journal.
‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’- 2014, 0.3 Micron pen.
A Theme A Theme