The Art of Emily N3ver.


The creature of the black lagoon- R.I.P to the breed of Universal Monsters that lurked the silver screen.

'Baby Succubus'
Hello there! My name is Pearla.I’m a polymer clay octopus with white fresh water pearls for eyes~!I’m totally one of a kind.I like Sunsets, bike rides and rain .I dislike Madonna, vampires and soggy bread’.I can’t wait to be adopted- available in my etsy shop 
fresh batch of octopus necklaces about to go up in my etsy shop!
In progress
Original water color painting for sale $10 ☆SOLD
In progress!
'Kabuki'- mixed media, 2014
'Test Subject'- my tribute to the animals that give their lives daily for modern science.
Weeaboo: Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and anything Japanese(sometimes to the point of fetishizing it)
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work in progress-Hey you should check out my Facebook page!
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